Thursday, 12 May 2016

Asian English Olympics 2016

Soooo... although this is superrrrrr late, it is better late than never right? *please forgive me (show puppy-dog eyes)*

This year we were once again invited to compete in the Asian English Olympics that was held in Jakarta. And the three representatives were

Nawal Lyana
Mirosha Somasundram
Lee Seng Zhen

Jonathan Moh was sent as an observer.

They have certainly made all of us proud competing against the best speakers from different countries in seven different categories such as debate, news casting, scrabble and etc.

Mirosha Somasundram, CC successfully championed this year Asian English Olympics 2016 for the speech category. She also won an additional award for the best Humorous Speech. For your information, Mirosha is also our D1 Area Governor. With that said, she has not only made our club very proud but also the whole D1 area!!! Congratulations, Mirosha!!

Besides, both of our CC, Lee Seng Zhen and Nawal Lyana have also certainly made us proud. Lee Seng Zhen was ranked 6 and Nawal Lyana was ranked 33 out of the 77 speakers in the Speech category.

Congratulations to all their hard work!! Keep it up and we hope to see another champion from our club next year!

Well done: Dr Nagiah, Nawal Lyana, Mirosha, Lee and Moh following the students’ win at the Asian English Olympics.
[from left: Dr Nagiah, Nawal, Mirosha, Seng Zhen, Jonathan]

P/s: The good news was also appeared in the Star (woohoo!) 

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

The Double Sunway (yay!) ; 28.04.16

Guess what? It's the joint meeting between our club, Sunway University Toastmasters Club and Sunway Toastmasters Club. Hence, the title - Double Sunway (yay!). Okay... we know you are here because you are excited to see the photos. Let's keep this short and have fun scrolling!  

General Evaluator, Chang Sau Fun, CC 

TME, Ethan Ganes, TM 

Table Topics Speakers:

Assignment Speakers: 


The awards of the night:

Best Table Topics Speaker: Benedict, TM 
[pic: Rubein, CC as his representative] 

Best Assignment Speaker: Shan Naren, CC

Best Evaluator: Kay Wong, DTM

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

"Lucky 88" Meeting ; 21.04.16

What is Lucky 88? WE are pleased to announce that our club has reached the 88th meeting! Thank you to all the members who have contributed to our club!

Quote from our acting president, Nawal Lyana, CC: "it is more of an effort than lucky." 

Indeed, it is all the members' effort to make the club successful. 
Looking forward to our 100th meeting! 
But before that ... 

Below are some of the pictures taken during the meeting 

General Evaluator, Andrew Tan, ACS, ALB 

Acting president, Nawal Lyana, CC 

TME, Daniel Farhan, TM 

Table Topics Master, Ibrahim Al-kooli, TM

Table Topics Speakers:


The awards of the night: 

Best Table Topics Speaker, Shan Naren, CC

Best Assignment Speaker, Belle Yeoh, CC

Best Evaluator, Ricky Soo, ACB 

The crowd: 

And not to forget ... 

Shasvini's birthday surprise from her family 

The birthday surprise was a bonus to the lucky themed meeting! The meeting was instantly filled with more love, warm and... food (cake). 

All in all, it was a very pleasant meeting. And we are looking forward to more meetings like this. Cheers!  

Friday, 19 February 2016

Contest Season is BACK!!

The International Speech Contest & Table Topics Contest is back!

So members, what are you waiting for? Grab the chance to participate now! 

How? Contact our Contest Chair for International Speech Contest: Thashaayiny 
and/or Contest Chair for Table Topics Contest: Ethan Ganes  

P/s: Members & non-members are welcomed to join us. 

Monday, 12 October 2015

Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest

Because.... I am late (so sorry), I decided to combine both club and area level contest for this post. 
We had both club and area level contest held in our HOME, Sunway University. woohoo! 

For club level contest,  it was held on 17 September. 
From left: Contest Chair of Humorous Speech - Gerrard Mook; Organizing Chair - Malar; Contest Chair of Evaluation Contest - Sherine Lam. 


From left: Gerard Peter (Chief Judge), Lee Seng Zhen (Champion), Shankaraar (1st runner-up), Malar (Organizing Chair).


From left: Gerard Peter (Chief Judge), Wong Jia Wei (2nd runner-up), Thashaa (1st runner-up),  Ethan Ganes (Champion), Malar (Organizing Chair), Sherine Lam (Contest Chair). 

the crowwwwddd

As for our D1 & D2 joint area level contest, it was held on 3rd October.
 It was organized by our extra prettyyyyy D1 Area Governor, Mirosha, CC & beautiful D2 Area Governor, Jade Lim, CC, CL.

We were proud to have Lee Seng Zhen and Ethan Ganes both the champions representing us for humorous speech and evaluation contest respectively. Both of them did a wonderful job.

After the area level contest, WE ARE PROUD to announce that Ethan Ganes (1st runner-up of Evaluation Contest) will be representing our club at division level. Congratulations Ethan! 

The division level contest
 will be held on 24th October, Saturday,
 from 12-5pm
 at Ecoworld Office, Setia Alam. 

Do come to support him! 

Monday, 28 September 2015

Installation Dinner ; All The Kingsmen (and Women)

Yes, that's right! Our theme this year is "All The Kingsmen (and Women)." 

This year we had our installation dinner (also our 3rd anniversary dinner) in a bigger venue - Coliseum, Sunway Pyramid. We were happy to celebrate this day together with many distinguished and honorable guests, including a District Officer, Division Governors, Area Governors, and many other experienced and talented toastmasters.


The dinner was emceed by one of the club's founding members,
 Dr Nagiah, CC.

The dinner commenced with the welcoming of guests, followed by the de-installation of the past EXCO, and the installation of the current EXCO. It was an honour to be presented with the gavel by our Area Governor, Mirosha, CC.  

Welcome speech by the organizing chair, 
Gerrard Mook, CC, CL

EXCO 2014/ 2015

EXCO 2015/ 2016

The unscripted singing by our District 51's Club Growth Director,
Andrew Tan, ACS, ALB

After the installation ceremony, it was time for our Performances & Game Session! We were honored to have Stephen Fernando, CTM to do stand-up comedy for us. We even had our very talented members who sang, rapped, danced, and played a game of charades. 

Jonathan, ACB, CL won the Toastmaster of The Year Award, 
which was presented by our current president, Victor Ong, DTM. 
Congratulations Jonathan! 

The event at its entirety was an overall success. Good company, good performances, good food. Ultimately, the guests left with a big smile.  

Photo credits: Christopher Liew & Gerrard Mook